Global Engagement

Global University of Zurich

Internationally renowned for its excellent research and teaching, the University of Zurich is part of a dynamic global network. With its vision, UZH aims to further strengthen meaningful engagement in education and research by building and developing innovative cooperations with partner institutions and other stakeholders worldwide.

The International Relations Office is responsible for the implementation of the internationalization strategy of UZH and deals with different projects to increase the international visibility and enlargen the international engagement of UZH. Therefore, the International Relations Office is the first point of contact for cooperations and relationship management with partner institutions and different stakeholders from the higher education landscape, the economic and industry sector. It further provides information and advice to foreign PhDs, Postdocs and academic guests coming to UZH as well as scientists with regard to their international activities.

Global Partnerships

The University of Zurich is globally engaged to solve problems and improve lives in partnership with stakeholders from across the world.
The International Relations Office (IRO) supports and develops links and dialogues with partners that are of particular interest to the University.

General information can be found on the UZH Corporate Website:
UZH Corporate Website: Global Partnerships

Additional information on specific services from the IRO:
Funding Opportunities with FU Berlin
Funding Opportunities with HU Berlin
Funding Opportunities with Charles University
Funding Opportunitiies with KU Japan
Overview of General International Funding Instruments

Global Responsibility

The University of Zurich is committed to active engagement with the wider community and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its research, teaching and daily operations.

General information can be found on the UZH Corporate Website:
UZH Corporate Website: Global Responsibility

Additional information on specific initiatives from the IRO:
Website Global Student Experience: START! Study – University Integration Program at UZH
North-South Cooperation
Iran Program

UZH on the Global Stage

The University of Zurich aims to strengthen the visibility of its international impact and demonstrates its excellent and diverse research and teaching.
In collaboration with our partners, the International Relations Office (IRO) creates platforms and activities with international outreach at UZH or abroad.

General information can be found on the UZH Corporate Website:
UZH Corporate Website: UZH on the Global Stage

Additional information on collaboration services from the IRO:
Collaboration Opportunities with swissnex for UZH Employees
Collaboration Opportunities with WEF for UZH Employees
Collaboration Opportunities with Zurich Meets Your City for UZH Employees
UZH at Berlin Science Week 2020

Visiting UZH

Are you interested in visiting the University of Zurich or joining the UZH community? Learn more about the services provided by the International Relations Office.
Visiting UZH