International Collaboration Agreements

The University of Zurich recognizes the value of international collaboration in research, teaching and learning and has signed cooperation agreements with universities and other educational and research institutions around the world. There are different types of agreements which create opportunities in research, teaching, learning or other sort of engagement that are mutually beneficial to those involved.

Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)

An MoU is a general, non-binding statement and provides a framework for future collaboration, stating the mutual interest in exploring collaboration opportunities though without financial implications.

MoU template

UZH provides a template for MoUs, the content can be adapted depending on the project and the negotiations. The International Relations Office provides support from  draft to signage. 

Memoranda of Understanding - Template and Procedure

Initiating agreements

Agreements at the level of the institute or faculty are usually initiated by the institute or the faculty. Agreements at the university level are negotiated by the International Relations Office in consultation with the faculties.

Exchange, Joint Teaching and Reasearch Agreements

UZH maintains various bilateral or multilateral relationships designed to create mutually beneficial opportunities to foster international exchange and joint initiatives in education and research. Student exchange agreements allow students to strengthen foreign language and intercultural competence while pursuing academic credit internationally. Joint teaching agreements establish an academic structure to apply shared coursework to two degrees from two universities. Research agreements usually involve legal aspects such as intellectual property and patent laws and rights.

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