Mobility Grant

In collaboration with the Oeuvre St.-Justin Fribourg and the Solidarity Fund for Foreign Students, the North-South Cooperation of the University of Zurich (UZH) is awarding up to three grants per semester for mobility students from universities in the Global South (see country list (PDF, 85 KB)). The grants can be used to study one or two semesters at UZH during the academic year 2021-22.

Grants are only awarded if a professor at UZH guarantees supervision and has a strong interest in working with the mobility student’s home university. Applications from students with no invitation letter from a UZH professor will not be proceeded.

Please note: the scholarship application deadline for the academic year 2021/22 has expired.


  • The supervisor during the grant period must be a professor at UZH.
  • The mobility student must be enrolled as a Master’s degree student or PhD student at an accredited and state-approved university in one of the countries listed here (PDF, 85 KB)during the planned stay at UZH.
  • Age limit: for insurance reasons, only applications from students born in 1979 or younger can be taken into account.
  • Collaboration between the institute of the supervising UZH professor and the mobility student's home institution must already be established.
  • Research collaborations must comply with the Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships set down by the Swiss Commission for Research with Developing Countries (KFPE). 

About the Grant

The grant is available for the following pre-defined periods:

  • The grant period for students studying a full academic year at UZH is 1 September 2020 to 30 June 2021
  • The periods for students studying one semester at UZH are 1 September 2020 to 31 January 2021 and 1 February 2021 to 30 June 2021.

Monthly allowance to cover living costs, study materials, administrative fees, visa fees and insurance costs:

  • For students in a Master’s degree program: CHF 1400 (CHF 900 granted by the Solidarity Fund; CHF 500 granted by the Oeuvre St.-Justin Fribourg)
  • For PhD students: CHF 1700 (CHF 1200 granted by the Solidarity Fund; CHF 500 granted by the Oeuvre St.-Justin Fribourg)
  • Accommodation in a single room with shared bathroom is offered free of charge at Justinus Haus Zürich

Please note: The Grant does NOT cover travel expenses. The host institute at UZH is expected to cover the mobility student's costs for a flight to and from Switzerland.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Supervising UZH professor’s interest in collaborating with the mobility student’s home university
  • Compatibility of the mobility student’s research project and/or study plan with the activities of the host institute
  • Potential for long-term collaboration and follow-up activities between the host and the home institution
  • Academic achievement of the mobility student
  • Motivation of the mobility student for applying for the grant and for choosing UZH
  • In case of applications of equal merit, the proposals from UZH host institutes that have not yet profited from this funding instrument shall be taken into account.

Application Procedure and Submission Deadline

  1. The supervisor at your home institution and the supervisor at UZH agree that you will come to UZH for one or two semesters as a mobility student. Together with your supervisors at UZH and your home institution, you specify the content of your project during that time. You have a letter of invitation outlining these details from the supervisor at UZH.
  2. Fill in the application form on the Mobility Online Registration Platform.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with your login name and password for the application portal.
    There you can upload the application documents listed below.
  4. Your application will be assessed by the International Relations Office and the Steering Committee of the North-South Cooperation. 

Applications must be submitted by 10 February 2021. The decision on awarding the grants will be announced in April 2021.

Please note: Applications from students with no invitation letter from a UZH professor will not be proceeded.

The application deadline has expired. Applications submitted after the submission deadline cannot be considered.

Application Documents

The following documents need to be uploaded on the Mobility Online Platform:

  1. Letter of invitation from the supervising professor at UZH including (a) a guarantee of supervision during the stay at UZH, (b) a statement of interest in collaborating with the mobility student’s home institution, (c) a guarantee of providing a work-space at UZH for a mobility student and coverage of flight costs of the mobility student, (d) full name of the mobility student and period of stay at UZH
  2. Copy of passport of the prospective mobility student (identification page)
  3. Passport photo of the prospective mobility student: The photo will be used for your UZH student card. Make sure that the photo fulfills the following requirements: current photo in color (your head should be photographed in a frontal pose against a neutral background providing good contrast, and it should take up about 80% of the photo), aspect ratio 3:4, image size at least 400x533 pixel. 
  4. Complete Curriculum vitae (CV) of the prospective grant recipient
  5. Transcript of Records (most recent version)
  6. Copy of highest achieved university degree (Bachelor or Master diploma)
  7. Completed and signed form "confirmation of enrollment & recognition at home university"
  8. Letter of motivation by the prospective mobility student including short description of studies and reason for choosing UZH.
  9. Description of the research project or studies to be carried out at UZH (2-3 pages). The proposal shall demonstrate the compatibility of the project with the activities of the host institute at UZH.
  10. Letter of recommendation by a professor at the home university


At the latest three weeks before the end of the mobility grant, the grant recipient and the supervising professor must submit a final report to the Coordination Center North-South. The last installment of the grant will only be paid after receiving the final report.

Rights and Obligations of the Grant Recipient and the Supervising Professor

  • Grant holders will be enrolled as invited visiting students at UZH. They receive a student ID-card and a UZH student account. Taking regular courses is not usually intended or required, unless it is recommended by the supervisor and in connection with the project.
  • Grant holders cannot earn a UZH degree. There is no general right to be granted admission.
  • The mobility grant does not cover travel expenses. The host institute at UZH is expected to cover the mobility student's costs for a flight to and from Switzerland.
  • The purpose of the mobility grant is to cover living expenses in Zurich. Grant holders must therefore stay in Zurich during the scholarship period. If a grant holder plans to be absent for longer than 3 weeks (e.g. for a research trip), the Coordination Center North-South has to be notified. The Coordination Center North-South reserves the right to reduce the allowance during this time, depending on the length, destination, and purpose of the absence.
  • If the grant holder leaves Switzerland more than ten days before the end date of the mobility grant, the monthly allowance will be paid pro rata (e.g. if the grant holder leaves 3 weeks early, the last grant instalment will only cover ¼ month).
  • As part of the scholarship provided by the Oeuvre St. Justin, grant holders are expected to help about once a week with house duties at the Justinus Haus like simple house maintenance tasks or snow shovelling during winter season.